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Welcome to our website.  Please look around and see how we can help you with all your computing needs.  If you have a specialized need you don't see here, please use our contact information to let us know your needs.


The main sections of the site can be reached by using the horizontal menu bar at the top of the page.  The subsections within each section will appear on the vertical menu to the left.  Any links that open pages that are not on our site will do so in a new window.  To return, just close that new window when you are finished with it and you will see the page on our site from where you left.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality computer products and services.


Some of the information and download links found here may not be geared for the inexperienced user. This is just a little disclaimer so you'll know.  As always, make sure you have a good, recent backup and your original installation disks on hand to repair any mistakes you might make along the way.  By all means, give it a try.  That's how an inexperienced user becomes an experienced one! 

Remember also, if you want some help, give us a call.

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