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Here's some information you might find useful.  If you know of a useful website or file download you'd like to share with others, let me know by emailing Support@WamegoComputerHQ.com.  I'll try to get it added as soon as possible.  Also, let me know if any of these links cease to function so I can remove them.


"The operating system on your computer is probably Microsoft Windows.  The following tips might be helpful to you in some task you are trying to perform.
Elder Geek Tips for Windows XP        WindowsXP Tips        Windows XP Tips & Tricks


This browser burst onto the scene a couple years ago.  I use it, I love it.  Here are some tips that might be useful to anyone considering changing from Internet Explorer or those already using Firefox.
Firefox Browser Tips        Firefox Help, Tips and Tricks        Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Office

This is the "office suite" software bundled with many new computers.  At some point I'm sure you've had to use it.  Hopefully these tips might make you more productive or at least less frustrated.
Microsoft Office: 106 Tips & Tricks        Office XP Tips        Microsoft Office Tips


Some of the information and download links found here may not be geared for the inexperienced user. This is just a little disclaimer so you'll know.  As always, make sure you have a good, recent backup and your original installation disks on hand to repair any mistakes you might make along the way.  By all means, give it a try.  That's how an inexperienced user becomes an experienced one! 

Remember also, if you want some help, give us a call.

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