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This page is intended to help you with troubleshooting the problem.  Below are links to pages that may help you to determine the nature of the problem either software or hardware then further on into specifics. 

The basic technique, "Troubleshooting 101," is to make only one single change at a time to your system.  Then test to see if that change corrected the problem.  You may be required to shutdown then restart your computer for the change to take effect.  If that change didn't correct the problem, then undo whatever was changed, restart, and try a different change again.  It can be a tedious process.  You may be tempted to take a shortcut and make several changes at once.  Sometimes this might work.  If it does, often the extra changes that did not correct the problem will introduce new problems immediately or in the future.  Not knowing which changes are which makes it very difficult to then correct the new problems!

Use the menu on the left to find a few hints on troubleshooting your system.  The internet is full of information that can be sometimes very helpful and other times very confusing.  Keep in mind, just because you saw it on the internet doesn't mean it's right.  If you can find a website of the particular hardware or software that you are troubleshooting, it might have the most helpful information.

On-Site Diagnostics and Repair

For problems that need immediate attention, we can come to your location to diagnose and correct the problem with your computer.

Diagnostics and Repair at our location

For more extensive repairs, we can pick up your computer and do the work at our location, thus avoiding disruption in your workspace. 


Some of the information and download links found here may not be geared for the inexperienced user. This is just a little disclaimer so you'll know.  As always, make sure you have a good, recent backup and your original installation disks on hand to repair any mistakes you might make along the way.  By all means, give it a try.  That's how an inexperienced user becomes an experienced one! 

Remember also, if you want some help, give us a call.

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