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Spotlight on Spyware

More and more computer users are finding unwanted programs operating on their machines that perform all sorts of annoying functions. These programs often display unwanted ads, change users' browsers' default home pages, add programs to the system tray and, in some cases, collect personal information. These programs are installed without meaningful consent and are almost always very difficult to uninstall or disable. They draw computing power away from your other applications making your computer sluggish and unstable.

If you've noticed any of these symptoms (and the other symptoms listed here), you may have picked up what's being called spyware. These programs take on a variety of forms but they all have two things in common. First, they surreptitiously slink into your computer through e-mail, unauthorized web downloads or by bundling themselves with other software you install. Second, users are almost always annoyed by their presence. These programs are often extremely difficult to find, uninstall or disable.


Some of the information and download links found here may not be geared for the inexperienced user. This is just a little disclaimer so you'll know.  As always, make sure you have a good, recent backup and your original installation disks on hand to repair any mistakes you might make along the way.  By all means, give it a try.  That's how an inexperienced user becomes an experienced one! 

Remember also, if you want some help, give us a call.

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